Besiege v1.05-12536 [Unity3D] [Linux Native]

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v1.05-12536 [Unity3D] [Linux Native]

Creator: Golden Boy

Changes vs last torrent:
Removed installer.

System requirements :
Processor: 2.2 GHz
Video: OpenGL 2.0, 512 MB
Installation location: 2.5 GB

Description :
Besiege is a constructor puzzle in which you need to create siege weapons to destroy various buildings and living enemy forces. The choice of sandbox mode and an exciting campaign for passing. A huge selection of different blocks will make it possible to realize the most terrible machines for destruction, and there is no specific model, you can use centuries-old achievements or create something of your own. The main goal of the game is to conquer all the kingdoms. The game is completely destructible buildings, the freedom of construction with a variety of interesting tasks. Any minor error in the design of the machine can destroy it already at the beginning of use.

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